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The Platform


Convention Center Authority


Where is all the money from our Music City Conventions Center going? The “Convention Center Authority” owes us FULL DISCLOSURE 

(It’s too late for the current politician’s “slogo” of “transparency & accountability”) FULL DISCLOSURE NOW!! All excess  Downtown Nashville Zone taxes need to be released and paid into the General Fund. Too much hoarding by the appointed board. 

Anyone here Before the Music City Convention Center was built in 2013 co-signed for that building & property. We are the rightful owners! It is public property and should be run as such. Fiscal reports!!! Quarterly and Yearly!


Metro Employees


As a booming city we need to take care of our people. All metro employees deserve a raise! When we pay off our debt, which is ridiculous to have considering our Convention Center is flush with cash, All City employees get a RAISE!


Traffic & Transportation


TRAFFIC!! We need to get the citizenry to work, school, home and church!! Stop impeding traffic!! We’re smarter than the potholes right!! Fix the problem!!! The fact that a motorcyclist named Wendy Sims died after hitting a pothole on 440 last year is a sad reality to us all. We can and will do better! Protect all citizens and visitors and work 24/7 to fix the issues with our roads. Immediately.


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